A little about me

It all started over 20 years ago at the head offices of Topshop.

I don't care whether its pink or purple!

When I joined as an admin in the Topshop London office, little did I know that I was in THE best place at the right time to consume all things business and fashion.  It was the era we transformed the high street from run-of-the-mill to runway!

After spending nearly a decade planning, buying and trading fashion, I was ready to move to other global brands. I was lured in by the mighty GAP and the prospect of travelling to San Francisco and New York was just too tempting.

After many more brands, amazing travels, great friendships and career highs came the realisation that I was still running on empty. Not through lack of energy, no, but I had a profound sense of : I don't care whether its Pink or Purple! Yep. I was done.  Out of puff.

But why not continue with all that I had built thus far? Well, what I didn't share; my road was well travelled, but came with its fair share of bumps, overtime, guilt, lack of self belief, imposter syndrome and down right ignorance. I carry with me the burden of 'perform to excel; make good on what your parents came to the West for.' I know there are many of you who relate . It was time to do my own thing.

Fast forward to today, I run my own womens label and have survived the many pitfalls of growing your own business, yes those late nights, building websites, posting on socials, picking and packing orders, all the while looking for the next opportunity.
I totally get it, its exhausting, confusing and at times desperate.

That's why I am here to help. I condense my 20 years of fashion and entrepreneurship into bite size Master Classes. Helping you along the way, showing you step by step how to launch, build or trade and scale your business.

I know we all have inner beliefs that stifle our confidence, create overwhelm and confusion with what to do next. It is my role is to guide you through your purpose, to help you plan with clarity, deliver industry standards, read and grow your business. Whilst maintaining some semblance of balance at home :  )

Click on the link to arrange a call with me, I always explore first whether I can help you and if I can't then I'm sure I know someone who can!